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Wholesale Baby and Kidswear

Manufacture & wholesale Baby and kidswear

Clothes for not yet fully grown kids , are called children clothes. They are differentiated from baby clothes for their sizes. Shoes, underwears, and accessories for kids are also crucial elements of children clothes category. So what is a children wear brand? Wholesale Baby and Kidswear
What is worn by a child is an important issue about health and comfort. Before being a young adult , parents are responsible for wearing habits of their child/ren. First of all, cloths which can be differantiated by season, have to cover from weather conditions. Also, wearing habits directly reveals social situation of wearer . So, parents have to critisize ‘What childrens wear?’ for these and much more reasons. Comfort, protection, size and posture are most electative criteria while choosing clothes for kids.

Wholesale Baby and KidswearHaknur

Haknur – Wholesale Baby and Kidswear

Founded in 1996 in Bursa, Turkey, whose main activity is the production of children’s clothing

from ages 0 to 16 years and baby clothes. With the support of his experienced and professional team

we follow closely and perform our productions according to the latest fashion trends for children and baby in many countries.


Responding to the demands of our customers at the highest level and exceeding their expectations by continually improving the quality of our products and services.


To be a reliable and sought after company in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of customers throughout the process.

HAKNUR benefits, all over the world and as much in Turkey from all the latest advanced technologies,

all the R & D activitiesas well as the latest marketing strategies available in its sector,

although taking into account our total current daily production capacity of 10.0000 to 15.000 T-shirts.

However, HAKNUR still has the ability to respond to and fulfill all orders and requirements that exceed our customers current daily production capacity.

Wholesale Baby and Kidswear

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Shop: www.haknurbebe.com

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